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  Requirements for Arizona Notaries
Commission Term:4 years
Minimum Age:18 Years
Seal: Required
Journal: Required
Bond: $5,000 - Regular
$25,000 - E-Notary
Application Fee: $43
Eligibility: No felonies unless civil rights have been restored
Other: Be able to read and write English

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  • Asset Protection Information
  • Arizona Training Manual (PDF)
  • Arizona State Handbook (PDF)

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   How to Become an Arizona Notary Public
  1. Complete the Online Arizona Notary Training Course
  2. Complete the Notary Public Application.
    • Print your name exactly as you want your notary commission to be issued.
    • Show your middle initial or name only if you intend to use it when signing as a notary public.
    • List the physical location of your residence; you are commissioned from your home address.
    • Fill in all the blanks on the form and sign the application exactly as your name is printed.
    • The signature on the application you submit must be original.
  3. Purchase a 4-year $5,000 notary bond for regular notaries or 4-year $25,000 notary bond for E-Notaries in duplicate form from an insurance agent.
    • The bond must show your name printed and signed in two places exactly as on the notary application.
    • The bond must show the county in which you reside.
    • The bond must show its effective and expiration dates.
    • The bond cannot be issued more than 60 days before or 30 days after the commission is initiated.
    • The expiration date of the bond is always one day less than the effective date four years later.
    • Both the Arizona resident bonding agent and attorney-in-fact must sign the bond, if indicated.
  4. Mail the following documents to the Secretary of State (use the address shown above):
    • The original application with an original signature.
    • Mail a duplicate copy of the bond with your application, to ensure that the bond and commission dates match.
    • A check or money order in the amount of $43.00 made payable to the Secretary of State.
  5. Obtain an Official Notary Seal.
  6. Wait to receive a commission certificate from the Clerk of the Superior Court designating you as a notary.
  7. Order a rubber notary seal (stamp) from
    • The rubber stamp is your official seal, but you may use an embosser in addition to the rubber stamp.
    Office of Secretary of State
    Business Services Division, Notary Section
    1700 West Washington, 7th Floor
    Phoenix, AZ 85007-2888
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